Jazz Cats is a generative art project of 15,000 NFTs.
this our gift to all of those who have serenaded us with your love and time:
a handpicked community of artists, musicians, builders, entrepreneurs and creators on web2 and web3.
adopt a jazzy cat.
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jazz is dead
its artists arent.

  • Jazz Cats : 1000 Adoptions
    - Community Art Vote
    - Jazz Cats Genesis Jam Session(TBA, legendary)
    -Launch "The Cats" partner network
    -Launch beta of the Jazz Cats Game
    (Cats can be staked to level up and compete against each other for prizes, gigs, and earn $JAZZ)

    Phase 2 : 5000 Adoptions

    -Fully built platform for jobs and business opportunities for The Cats
    - Jazz Cats merchandise

  • - Jazz Cats NFT Prints for Cat holders

  • -Jazz Cats can upgrade to 3D
    -Rolex Giveaway

    Phase 3 : 10000 Adoptions

    -Finalized Mobile App and Game (earn $JAZZ)
    -Jazz Cats billboard party in Times Square NYC
    -Jetski Giveaway
    -Jazz Cats Music Festival

  • -.....more!!!!

Members can adopt a rare and unique Jazz Cat!!

(community will vote on final artwork)


Adopting a cat gives access to:



Jazz musicians, CEOs, Artists, entrepreneurs, content creators and more in a community chat - voice chat, business, app support, music, events, Weekly Q&A's, giveaways and special guests.

Earn points by being active and participating with the community.

Our team has generated multiple 7-figures of revenue and profit marketing in Web2 and Web3

Cats get access to how it's done, how to do it, and even have it done for them ๐Ÿš€

...NOT just art!

We've spent time and worked with founders, artists and innovators on the Blockchain...

"Creators, musicians, artists have been faced with a complex issue for far too long.

Treasures like 'Jazz', 'Art', 'Artist', are often diluted and spread thin by the narratives and business of industries, institutions, and media.

In no way should it be acceptable to blur the lines between a timeless, precious form of music and a convenient commodity.

In no way should a dollar have leverage over the heart and soul of an artform.

Generations young and current are deprived and often turned away from avenues of the arts and music that can expand the mind and make positive and profound impacts on people's lives, our understanding of history and the world around us.

In 2023 people around the world are fed music and media, students are told go the music or arts education route, and they pay hefty dollars to receive an education but not an experience - the necessary experience.

This rings true not only in the music, but, in the "industry of fine arts" and the cause it has on artists who are at the effect of industry.

Billions of dollars of social media budgets, let alone, industry budgets, leave the independent artist often torn between building a marketable career online, and making a living.

Web3 and NFTs are the bridge for artists and creators to build opportunity and create financial welfare for themselves and each other.

NFA DYOR, but, I believe that there is infinite upside to Web3 and creator economies.

To celebrate 2 years of business at Helius Digital we are so glad to invite to you all our NFT project...

Jazz Cats"

-Kyle Benford


**for the betterment of all people on earth, for my trillions of dollars that aren't mine, for Mother Nature. - For man, woman and the law of all things all.

Kyle Benford.


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